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SubjectMisfitMAME 0.127 Reply to this message
Posted byTrebor
Posted on08/23/08 10:47 AM

Here's whatsnew:

Based on MAME 0.127

Thanks to the Neht team (Ryokuken, JacKc) for lots of help in various ways.
Thanks to Mametesters for fixing MAME bugs that impacted on MisfitMame.

Source changes

The recent rewrite of cps1 fixed a lot of odd problems, but also broke
the homebrews and some hacks. Extensive work was done to fix as much
as possible.

- driver split into 3, to keep the mame portion relatively uncluttered
-- cps1.c - original MAME code with a few "bootleg-friendly" changes
-- cps1mis.c - Misfit extra games
-- cps1hack.c - the "old" cps1 code, for the 8 games that need it

- most games improved:
-- captcomh - added, works
-- cawingb - fixed inputs and sound - still unplayable
-- dinob - fixed, works
-- dinohb - fixed, works
-- kodh - added, works
-- punishjh - added, works
-- punishrb - added, works
-- sf2m1 - added, works
-- sf2m2 - added, works
-- sf2m3 - added, playable
-- sf2m8 - mostly works, unplayable
-- sf2m12 - added, works
-- wofb - fixed, works
-- wofaha - removed
-- wofjh - fixed, works
-- wofsjb - fixed inputs, works
-- cps1demo, cps1frog - moved to cps1hack.c, working
-- wofh, wofha, wofsj, wofsja, wof3sj, wof3sja - moved to cps1hack.c, working

All Galaxian/Frogger/Scramble, etc games converted to Aaron's new Galaxian driver,
except for Bagmanm2 which has its own minimal version of galaxold.

mineswp - Added colours:
- White (normal play / attract mode)
- Yellow (new record time)
- Green (new record level - must be at least level 3)
- Purple (stepped on a bomb)
- Red (game over)

- Removed the customised per-game screen width setting. It's now the same as MAME.
- Renamed MGD2 sets to avoid conflicts with MAME.
- Removed the optional bios code, now same as MAME.

Games Added

Various, see above



Games Removed
sf2mdt, wofhfh (in mame)

Get it here: