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SubjectMADrigal's simulators: Cease Fire (Heathcliff the cat) & more! Reply to this message
Posted byMADrigal
Posted on12/19/10 06:18 PM

Here I am again with a simulator of a very rare handheld by VTech. It took me over 6 years to find it and buy it at a reasonable price. It's the second game with Heathcliff the cat as star, now acting like a fireman:

- Cessate il Fuoco (Cease Fire!) (VTech, Mini Time & Fun) S4/1.00 (Standard 4, final)

I'm also releasing updates to the following games:

- Engine Room (VTech, Explorer Time & Fun) S4/1.02 (Standard 4, more accuracy)
- Hot Line (VTech, Tooth-Sporty Time & Fun) S4/1.02 (Standard 4, more accuracy)
- Tennis Menace (VTech, Tooth-Sporty Time & Fun) S4/1.03 (Standard 4, more accuracy)
- Sleep Walker (VTech, Time & Fun) S4/1.03 (Standard 4, English manual added)

Thanks go to Alessandro Bertolotti and Dot Dorrington for providing scans from instructions manuals and game boxes.

All files are available, as well as source codes and the new "MADrigal CD Collection" 54, at the usual download page.

link: www.madrigaldesign.it/sim/

Enjoy!!! :-)