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SubjectRe: Sk3n3 memories. Reply to this message
Posted bydigitalfusion
Posted on01/21/11 04:22 PM

> NESticle and TMNT3. I was hooked (though at the time not so much for
> nostaligiac purposes as we still had an NES).

> > other guys couldn't understand why I wanted to play it... ^^
> >

Wow, Long time reader (since the page started) first time poster :-D. Back when NESticle came out and Neo Demiforce and that dude Neil started translating the Final Fantasy games (2 & 3), was huge for me.

Man, that sure brings me back... Having to wait for the IPS files and then manually patch them. I sure miss the thriving emulation scene, it was just so awesome back in the day. The war between SNES9x and ZSNES, the big deal when could "BUY" a PSX emulator (BLEEM). Waiting for games to get translated that you only read about in EGM and Next Gen. I sure miss that community. It's sad that it's almost completely faded away. Though it was nice to see Zophar.net make a mild comeback. :-)

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