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SubjectMADrigal's simulators - DONKEY KONG - Multi Screen - complete rewrite! Reply to this message
Posted byMADrigal
Posted on08/31/11 06:10 PM

I finally had the time and will to complete the huge work I started last December, that's the complete rewrite of the Donkey Kong multi-screen simulator - one of the games I really love most!

Donkey Kong (Nintendo, Multi Screen) S4/1.05 (Standard 4, complete rewrite)

The new simulator has much more realistic graphics and sounds, controllers are fully animated, and the input and game routines have been completely rewritten in order to make it much more faithful to the original game, both for game logic, speed, difficulty, etc.
In addition, the controllers are now fully compatible with MAME-cab interfaces.
A special "thank you" goes to my long time friend Jaro Gielens for providing me with great scans of the instructions manual - which is also included in the simulator.

The game is available on the download page as well as the new "MADrigal CD Collection", release 55.5!

URL: MADrigal's Simulators