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SubjectMADrigal's simulators: Wild Man Jump (tabletop) + Baseball (explorer) Reply to this message
Posted byMADrigal
Posted on11/06/11 06:02 PM

Here's yet another "old" simulator updated to the Standard 4. There's plenty of additions: much more realistic graphics, newly recorded sound samples in higher quality, instructions manual browser, full compatibility with MAME cabinets interfaces. The game is:

Wild Man Jump (VTech, Electronic Tini-Arcade) S4/1.01 (Standard 4, complete rewrite + manual added)

I'm also releasing a minor bug-fix updated version of:

Baseball (VTech, Explorer Time & Fun) S4/1.01 (Standard 4, minor bug-fix) + source code

You will want to grab the games and the latest "MADrigal CD Collection" version 57.2 from the popular download area.

LINK: www.madrigaldesign.it/sim/

Enjoy :-)