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SubjectCreatiVEmu website update + new ROM Reply to this message
Posted byMADrigal
Posted on11/04/12 06:36 PM

Even though I recently spent most of my time planning my wedding (September 9th, 2012), I kept on searching for obscure and unknown stuff for the CreatiVision system.

I recently put my hands on a few nice items, which I promptly pictured, scanned, dumped, and I'm now sharing with all CreatiVision fans, then I also got many pics and informations from new and old contributors. Here's a list of the new files.

Software, carts
- Air-Sea Attack (Japanese version): box
- Air-Sea Attack (Zanussi version): yellow paper variant of the manual
- BASIC (Hanimex Rameses): box, hi-res manual
- Crazy Chewy: box, cartridge
- Crazy Chicky (Japanese version): box
- Tank Attack (Zanussi version): yellow paper variant of the manual

Software, cassette tapes
- Air-Sea Attack (Salora Manager): box, tape
- Demo Tape (Hanimex Rameses): box, tape, WAV file
- Sonic Invader (Salora Manager): box, tape

- CreatiVision console (Swiss version): pictures
- CreatiVision console (Australian version): pictures
- Cassette Storage Module (Hanimex Rameses): pictures
- Cassette Storage Module (VTech Funvision): manual
- 16K Memory Expansion Module (Salora Manager): box
- Expansion Module #1 (Salora Manager): pictures

But the most juicy news is about the recently discovered early revision of Police Jump, displaying Dangerous Dan as a "clone" of Donkey Kong (more infos on the news from June 25,th 2012).
Well I'm releasing the dump of the ROM program, and I'm also adding the updated version of the popular interface, CreatiVe-UI (v. 1.09), now recognizing the Police Jump ROM.

I even found some time to convert the WAV sample of the Rameses Demo Tape into a plain TXT file, for use with FunnyMu Unofficial and CvEmu2 emulators.

The new files are available in the Emulators, ROM Programs and BASIC programs pages.

Lastly, there's new scans available in the Articles from the 80's area: a nice advertisement for CreatiVision and Laser 110/210 computers, appearing on German magazine Tele Match issue 6/83, and a nice article on the "console wars" appearing on German magazine Chip issue 3/83. Read them from the usual Articles and Flyers page.

Credits go to Mikko Heinonen from Finland, Basilio Lenzo and Mauro Spadazzi from Italy, Jens Brinkmann from Germany, and James Rich from Australia.

URL: www.madrigaldesign.it/creativemu/