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SubjectCreatiVEmu: massive update! Reply to this message
Posted byMADrigal
Posted on02/25/14 01:32 PM

Sit down and relax because there are lots of good news today. I have gathered lots of stuff to add to almost every section of the website!

Articles: I got scans from old magazines from the 80's published in Germany and Finland, plus a few scans I did myself. They include rare BASIC program listings and promotional articles not to miss. Thanks go to my good friends Jens Brinkmann, Jarkko Pitajamaki and Thomas Gutmeier for sending all the scans! The articles are:
- Die richtige Wahl (Mein Home Computer 12/84)
- Pelihimoisille (Tekniikan Maailma 20/84)
- Salora Manager Luokkaa ylempana (MikroBitti 4/84)
- Spiel mit Basic (Funkschau 15/83)
- Tekstinkasittely (MikroBitti 3/87)
- Tietokone jouluahjaksi (MikroBitti 4/84)
- Tukialus (MikroBitti 6-7/85)

Flyers: I got scans from a stunningly rare brochure which was issued by VTech for the U.S. market in 1983 mentioning hardware, software and "vaporware" for the CreatiVision system. It was given to U.S. businesses at the CES exhibition in summer 1983 and it proves that VTech was looking for a distributor for their consoles in the U.S.A. The file is named "Price List Order Form - January 1983".
In addition, I got scans from a rare Finnish flyer for the Salora Manager, named "Salora Manager - Mikroihme luokassaan".
Lastly, I uploaded a better version of the gorgeous flyer "The serious computer you've been waiting for".
Thanks go to Scott Stilphen, Leonard Herman, Jarkko Pitajamaki and Michael Obsieger.

Releases/Hardware: New scans available listed below:
- CreatiVision (Zanussi GMU 160): newly discovered manual (V1, earlier)
- Funvision (VTech): manual re-scan
- Parallel I/O interface (Dick Smith): manual re-scan at correct aspect ratio

Releases/Software: New scans available listed below:
- Auto Chase (CreatiVision, Italian): box, manual and catalogue no.
- Auto Chase (CreatiVision, Swedish): manual re-scan
- Police Jump (CreatiVision, Japanese): box re-scan
- Tennis (CreatiVision, Japanese): box re-scan
Thanks go to Cristian Alberti, Cyril Denis, Ian Baronofsky and Rikard Ljungkvist for providing the rare stuff!

Emulators: I released a new version (V1.10) of the CreatiVe-UI interface, now identifying the newly released ROMs listed below.

ROM Programs: fixed versions of the Deep Sea Adventure and Planet Defender game ROMs. Graphic glitches displayed in the background were removed. Thanks to Michael Obsieger and @username@ for the great job!

Lastly, don't miss to check the Forum for updates on several forthcoming homebrew games and peripherals such as the promising CSL Cart - changing a CreatiVision into an enhanced Laser 2001/Salora Manager computer!