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SubjectMADrigal's simulators: Egg (Nintendo), Mickey Mouse (Nintendo) + 3 russian clones Reply to this message
Posted byMADrigal
Posted on05/04/14 06:24 PM

I have always wanted to upgrade my simulators of games belonging to the Nintendo Game & Watch series, but unfortunately I don't own the original handhelds anymore and I have no chance to scan them at high resolution by myself.

Luckily, I recently got a huge help from two Austrian men, authors of the gorgeous Der Inoffizielle Game & Watch Sammlerkatalog book, who provided me with great pictures and scans from a few games I simulated long ago: Egg, Mickey Mouse, Snoopy Tennis and Turtle Bridge.

I decided to upgrade the former two games first, as well as their Russian clones (minor fixes). This is the new look of the Game & Watch simulators:

I will release the upgraded Snoopy Tennis and Turtle Bridge sometimes soon. Here's the list of the games I'm releasing today:

- Egg (Nintendo, Wide Screen) S4/1.03 (Standard 4, complete rewrite)
- Mickey Mouse (Nintendo, Wide Screen) S4/1.02 (Standard 4, complete rewrite)

- Explorers of Space (Elektronika) S4/1.03 (Standard 4, various optimizations)
- Fowling (Elektronika) S4/1.02 (Standard 4, various optimizations)
- Frog Boaster (Elektronika) S4/1.02 (Standard 4, various optimizations)

- MADrigal CD Collection ver. 59.2

Grab all the new files from the usual page.


Enjoy! :-)