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SubjectCreatiVEmu: a whole ton of news :-) Reply to this message
Posted byMADrigal
Posted on07/17/14 11:54 AM

17th July, 2014
A whole ton of updates - again! This time I'm adding lots of stuff concerning the Laser 2001 and Salora Manager home computers, and a couple of incredible findings which appear to be obscure prototypes: a NTSC CreatiVision coming from Venezuela, and the 16Kb Expansion Module for the D.S. Wizzard - wow!
I hope you enjoy the new additions, which I'm listing below.

Articles: Games listings and articles on the Laser 2001 and Salora Manager BASIC, which were originally published on German and Finnish magazines. Thanks to Jarkko Pitajamaki and Thomas Gutmeier for sending all the scans. The BASIC listings are:
- Andromeda (Computronic 8/84)
- Cave Man (Computronic 10/84)
- Clipper Flipper (Homecomputer 1/85)
- Crazy Cake (Computronic 9/84)
- Pipeline (Homecomputer 2/85)
- Yksikatinen Rosvo (One-Armed Bandit) (MikroBitti 9/86)
And the article is:
- Laser 2001 - Ein neuer Stern... (Computronic 10/84)

Flyers: I got scans of a very rare Italian catalogue from my good old friend Mauro Spadazzi:
- Zanussi and Rex flyer/catalogue (Italy, 1983)

Releases/Hardware: New entries, pictures and scans of the following items - partly from me, and partly from Dieter Koenig, Megan Potts, Thomas Gutmeier, Tim Venn, Joni Valtanen and Joaquin Coelho:
- CreatiVision NTSC console, early prototype(?) from Venezuela (pictures pack)
- CreatiVision console from South Africa (box)
- Dick Smith Wizzard console, rare variant with yellow sticker (box)
- Dick Smith Wizzard console, rare X-1600 variant (pictures pack)
- Dick Smith Wizzard 16Kb expansion (pictures pack)
- Hanimex Rameses console (additional instructions manual, new pictures pack)
- Salora Manager computer (box, instructions manual, BASIC manual)
- Salora Manager floppy disk drive FD-100A (pictures pack)
- Salora Manager joysticks JS-20 (instructions manual)
- Salora Fellow/Manager datassette (instructions manual)
I'm also adding two beautiful pieces of homebrew hardware to the database:
- CreatiVision Datassette Interface (made by Thomas Gutmeier)
- Laser 2001 16K Expansion Module (replica homebrew by CSL team)

Releases/Software: New entries, pictures and scans of the following items - partly from me, and partly from David Gschmeidler and Joni Valtanen:
- Tennis, CreatiVision version (variant of the English manual, printed in 1982)
- Auto Chase, Salora Manager version (manual, cartridge)
- Chopper Rescue, Salora Manager version (cartridge at higher resolution)

BASIC Programs: added the text versions of the BASIC listings for Laser 2001 which are also available in PDF format in the Articles section. The text files are good for use with actual or emulated Laser 2001 and Salora Manager.

I also invite you to join the Forum to discover homebrew hardware and games, watch videos and download ROMs. Among all, I suggest you ordering a copy of Block by Michael Obsieger, which is about to be released. A very few copies are still available for pre-order.

Last but not least, I wish to thank Nino Porcino and Agostino Martino of the former Laser Computer Club for providing scans of a few issues of the rare Laser magazine.
Full scans of the magazines are available on Mauro Corbetta's website, Retroedicola Videoludica, containing a huge collection of scans of computers and videogames magazines.

URL: CreatiVEmu Website