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SubjectMADrigal's Simulators: Nintendo Lifeboat with brighter screen Reply to this message
Posted byMADrigal
Posted on08/03/14 06:37 PM

Since I released the most recent version of Lifeboat, I have been sent several emails from players complaining of the new game graphics, stating that the LCD screen was too dark.
Well the fact is that the simulator was an extremely accurate replica of the original game in my possession, which also has quite a dark screen.

Anyway, since I understand that most users prefer playing a the game with a brigher screen - even if not realistic - I have decided to update the simulator as they requested.

This is the list of new files:

- Lifeboat (Nintendo, Multi Screen) S4/1.06 (Standard 4, graphics enhancements

- MADrigal CD Collection ver. 59.5
- ClrMamePro DATfile ver. 20140804 [59.5]

The files are available for free download from the usual page.


Enjoy :-)