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SubjectCreatiVEmu website news Reply to this message
Posted byMADrigal
Posted on09/30/14 05:30 PM

More and more obscure and rare stuff surfaced this month, and a brand new homebrew cartridge! Today I'm adding pictures, scans and information on South African pressings, Salora Manager and Fellow peripherals, newly discovered articles from old magazines, and much more...
This is the list of news:

I'm happy to announce that the guys at Treviso RC have finally released their long-awaited multicart, named Multirom. It's a cartridge featuring 31 ROM programs that's the full set of official games plus hacks, homebrew programs, diagnostics and demos.
Please read te full story and pre-order your copy on the Multirom page!

The new files were also added:

Articles: A generalist Italian magazine named Video featuring a nice article on videogames. Thanks to Mauro Spadazzi for sending the scans:
- I Videogiochi (Video, Annuario'84)

Releases/Hardware: New entries, pictures and scans of the following items. Thanks go to Manu Parssinen, Dieter Koenig and Jarkko Pitajamaki:
- Cassette Storage Module, CreatiVision version (Italian box, new pictures pack)
- 16Kb expansion module, Dick Smith Wizzard version (manual, new pictures pack)
- Colecovision module, Salora Manager version (box, manual, new pictures pack)
- Floppy disk controller, Salora Manager version (pictures pack)
- Datassette, Salora Fellow/Manager version (pictures pack)

Releases/Software: New pictures and scans got by generous old and new contributors - Anders Carlsson, Sprazzi, Jarkko Pitajamaki and Gary Petzer:
- Air/Sea Attack, CreatiVision version (South African box)
- Auto Chase, CreatiVision version (South African box and manual)
- Chopper Rescue, Laser 2001 version (cartridge)
- Crazy Chicky, CreatiVision version (South African box)
- Crazy Chicky, CreatiVision version (Italian 8-pages manual)
- Planet Defender, CreatiVision version (South African box)
- Planet Defender, Laser 2001 version (cartridge)
- Police Jump, CreatiVision version (South African box)
- Police Jump, Laser 2001 version (cartridge)
- Sonic Invader, CreatiVision version (South African box)
- Tank Attack, CreatiVision version (South African box)
- Tennis, CreatiVision version (South African box)
- Tennis, Laser 2001 version (cartridge)
I am also adding a very nice finding on cassette tape:
- Demo Tape, CreatiVision version (South African box, tape and recording to WAV)

Last but not least, I wish to thank Kevin Gallery for providing very high quality scans of the console datasheets, which are now available for download in a brand new area: Datasheets.

URL: CreatiVEmu