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SubjectRe: MAME on JORNADA 680 690 and 720 Reply to this message
Posted byTekhmaster
Posted on04/22/01 12:42 PM

> It would appear that who ever is programming this MAME is not answering any
> enqires about the above machines, as the above machines have a very large slice
> of the CE market i think some support would be a great help..............
> I personally have both 680 and 690 i would like to see MAMECE working without
> the "Somethings missing" error....
> Hope to hear from a techy soon
> Laters
> sfxgroup@aol.com

Excuse me.
1. I have answered ALL inquiries about writing a port for these devices as well as others to EVERYone who has bothered to email me or Post here.
2. If you think your device has such a market share then why haven't YOU or some of your buddies already written your own port or modified my code to do so.
3. As Marconelly pointed out, I don't own a Jornado of any kind and don't plan on buying one since I feel the iPaq and Casio both fit my personal usage very well.

I did indeed 'bother' to port MAME to the 'current' Jornado PocketPC. I did it 'blindly' as I don't own one myself. But it WAS done, and at the request of many (polite) Jornado users when I had the time to do it.

If you have an older model then why don't you complain to Microsoft to release a GAPI driver for your model so the current and future Versions of Software (mine and others) will work on your devices without any additional alterations. That is the part that 'is missing', and it is not something that us third part developers can release or workaround without alot of additional coding.

As I have stated in Email to may folks that have asked, I may write ports to other(older) devices only if I get time to do so. I still have items I need to clean up and work on in the versions I am already supporting at this time. So stay tuned or pick up a copy of the development kit and make your own contribution.

Good Day.


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