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SubjectRe: Assorted Mameboy Questions Reply to this message
Posted byAnonymous (
Posted on05/12/01 01:04 PM

> I finally got Mameboy running on my EM500.
> Questions:
> 1) The high scores arent saved and the settings
> are not saved.(ie sounds, show FPS, etc) I have it installed to the Storage
> Card, does this matter?

Hi scores should get saved, along with games' dipswitch settings, in a .hi file. In MAMECE-10X, the /hi directory is in the root directory. I don't know where MAMEBoy expects it to be, but I would think it's mentioned in his readme file.

The other settings you mentioned (the ones made in the GUI before the games is started) are not saved in any MAMECE version AFAIK. (Desktop MAME32 saves these in the registry, I do not know where DOS MAME keeps them.)

> 2) What are the Profiler and TBD settings?

The Profiler checkbox enables the profiler :)
Enable it and run a game to see what it is...
It's really only useful to people working under
the hood or at least interested in what's going
on under the hood.

TBD is To Be Determined. I got happy when adding
checkboxes (knowing I'd eventually need more) but
I've never gotten around to adding the additional

> 3) What is the proper way to quit the emulator? I cant seem to exit it cleanly.

Ya got me. Is there no File | Exit in MAMEBoy?

> 4) When I put coins in using the action button a config screen comes up, if I
> press it again the game starts. Is this the right way to start it?

That's a question for Marconelly, he 'tweaked' the button
assignments to better live with the one-fewer buttons
that the newer devices have (as opposed to the E-10X


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