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SubjectRe: Please advise on purchase... Reply to this message
Posted byMarconelly!
Posted on05/18/01 09:55 PM

> Seems to me the Casio's main negative is the smallish 16mb RAM, but I figure an
> mmc RAM card can fix that, right? And of course, the CPU is slow compared to Ipaq.

Precisely. 64MB MMC card cures memory problem quite nicely. You can install apps on it, and run them just as if it's a normal, internal memory. Casio has 150 MHz CPU which can be overclocked to 200MHz by opening the device and doing a little graphite pencil trick. Processor is slower than iPaqs, that for sure. It's quite obvious on some emulators and not really noticeable in the so called 'everyday use'

> The Ipaq seems pretty cool, especially the versatile display, good battery life
> & fast CPU, but the old control problem scares me a bit. Especially since I'm a
> gamer and MAMEce will probably be a favorite app for me.

Screen on the Ipaq is much worse, less contrasty and able to display much less colors than Casios. It's only advantage is beter visibility in the sunlight. Let's not even start with the dreaded dust problem.

> Question: Exactly what is the Ipaq's control limitation? For example, let's say
> you're playing Galaga - you'd use the cross key to move, but to shoot you'd have
> to let go of the cross key? Or you can tap the screen to shoot? Is that the
> idea?

Precisely. You can tap the screen if the emulator supports that (many do) but that whole control method thing is incredibly lame, and was a main reason why I decided to go with the Casio.

>But the Casio would control normally - you can use the cross key to move
> and the little buttons to shoot etc. like a normal game >controller? Correct?

Correct. EM-500 has best gamepad I've ever seen on any pocket device, btw.

> Question: Is the sound Ok on both? Using headphones, just as good? I've heard
> the Ipaq has better or louder sound...

Ipaq has louder sound, but EM-500 has sound that is more bassy, fuller and crisper (with headphones, of course). Almost everyone who did a direct comparision agreed on that. And EM500 is pretty loud too, IMHO, plus you can get cheap yet quite good remote control headphones for it. In the present state, many emulators don't work well with the sound on both Casio and Ipaq. Both MAMEBoy and MAMECE3 suffer a sound problem and the slowdown with sound enabled is quite big, especially on Casio. Some games though, work perfectly with sound.

Gameboy, NES, GameGear, Master System all work well and full speed on the Ipaq, and very close to full speed (or 100% speed with fameskip) on Casio.

Hope that helped a bit.

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