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SubjectRe: Self reply... ;) Reply to this message
Posted byProphet
Posted on05/19/01 08:02 PM

> other casios are too big). With the extra 32 megs internal and overclocking (if
> stable) I think would be the best machine.


I've done some exhaustive research now on the available PPC's, and I feel none are good enough just yet for me to buy. Sad, because they're soooo close... If I had to buy one now, it'd be the Casio EM-500 with an additional 64mb mmc card. But from my research it's CPU speed is a real hindrance, and the small internal memory is annoying. I also really wish there was some way Casio could add an IPaq type jacket expansion system to the design, but still keep the mmc slot.

The Casio is the better machine IMO. I won't go to an IPaq - I just read dozens of posts from IPaq owners saying stuff like "I love my IPaq, can't wait to get it back from the repair shop..." Heh. ;) And that stupid one-button-press limitation ALONE is reason enough for me to avoid the IPaq. I'm flabbergasted each time I think about that - how in the world could they let a design flaw like that slip thru... ? The Casio's just seem to better manufactured and I personally love backlit active matrix. Living in a big city, I don't spend much (if any!) time in direct sunlight.

I think the "perfect" PPC given today's available technology would indeed be the EM-500 with at least 32MB RAm and a faster CPU, at least 200Hmz. I'd also like to see movement toward the IPaq's battery technology, I forget the name, but it's damn cool stuff, but I'd want it kept replaceable.

I have a strong suspicion the next 6 months will see all that come to life. So I'm waiting and watching. I'd hate to buy a current machine right now knowing new models are on the verge of being released. $500 is a lot of money for me (a huge amount actually, since I'll be temporarily unemployed within about a month) so I'll save it till I feel the right machine comes along.


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