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SubjectRe: MameCE3 WIP update Reply to this message
Posted byTekhmaster
Posted on06/01/01 05:20 PM

> Hey Tekhmaster, i'm new to this (portables that is). I just got a Compaq iPaq
> which after the cassiopia, and Jornada i had, this is definitly the fastest i've
> witnessed yet. I was wondering if there are still a lot of optimizations left to
> be done that could improve speed a decent bit. I noticed some games run faster
> on iMAME vs. on yours, and wondered what caused that. Granted i prefer yours of
> course cause of the choice of MUCH more games playable, even if slower (so far)
> then more optimized ones. We all played some mame games (PC) 23-28fps and still
> didnt complain and enjoyed them.
> BTW- on my 1gig AThlon,256m PC133 ram, GF2 w/tvout, i haven't played any games
> that actually skip any frames yet, but took a while to decide to upgrade from my
> K6-3 450. WORTH IT TOTALLY!!!

Yes I think there is still more speed increases to be had. Besides the obvious such as recompiling some of cores with assembler there are other areas that can be tweaked. Also rebuilding some things with c++ may help as well.

I still have some bigger items to work on but as soon as they are complete I will be going back to work on speed tweeking.
Also keep in mind that faster devices are due over the next year as well :)

I'll have to reload iMame and run some tests, I don't remembering it being to much faster. Any specific games?

I know what you mean about the desktop upgrade. I was very satisfied after I upgraded to the 1GB Intel, 512MB 133Mhz, ATI Pro w/tv out and my old VoodooII plus the 19in Viewsonic! I was ever happier when I added the Sound Blaster Live Platinum card and Cambridge 4.1 Surround Sound Speaker system. Really makes them games Rock :)


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