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SubjectRe: features: Zip DeCompression and ROMS speification? Reply to this message
Posted byAnonymous (
Posted on06/03/01 03:21 PM

> > Here's a few suggestions, if you get the time:
> >
> > - Zip decompression built in
> > - Ability to specify ROMs directory
> >
> > One great advantage to MAME32 for the desktop is the ability to dump dozens (I
> > have 114) roms in their own ZIP file, keeping them very organized (you don't
> > have to unzip all 1000+ files to play the games). This would also help people
> > like me that try to cram just 4 or 5 games on the handheld cause I don't have
> > enough ram (HP 548 32mb w/8meg 'free' card. 128mb ONE day.. soon maybe).
> >
> > The other feature of the ability to specify the directory of the ROMS would
> help
> > as I plan on storing my ROMs on one flash card, and MP3s on the other.
> >
> > Eric
> > Eric@cdc.net
> >
> MameCE3 all ready has ZIP support. In fact I didn't know that it even worked if
> you unzipped the files.
> Just put each game Rom (in Zipped format) into the ROMS folder. You do not gain
> any extra space by zipping multiple zipped ROMs into a single file, becuase they
> are already compressed as far as they can be.
> Providing the ability to specify the ROM directory is a good idea, i'll add it
> to the To-DO list.
> At this time you do have many options on where to store your zipped files.
> MameCE3 allows you to keep them in the following places:
> \Program files\Mamece\Roms\
> \My Documents\
> \My Documents\Roms\
> \Storage Card\Program Files\Mamce\Roms\
> If you manually install the Program you can replace \Program Files\ with the
> place that you install it ( ie if you wanted to install it in \MameCE\ ).
> So you can currently keep your favorite game in main memory and leave all the
> other games on the storage card. :)
> Cheers,
> -Techmaster

Hey, Eric again...

So it does support .zip files? humm... I manually installed MameCE3 into the \program files\mamece3 directory. I placed my 'test' rom of Spy Hunter in \program files\mamece3\roms as specified. I work start MameCE3X (the extended version) and wait for it to load (man.. it's slow with all of those games).

Once loaded I never got any games to pop up in the list. I would wait, thinking it was 'decompressing' or compiling a list. Nothing ever showed up.

Even after unzipping the ROM zip (all 20+ files), never ever showed up still.

I've now moved the entire MameCE3 directory to: \Storage Card\MameCE3 and the ROMS in MameCE3\ROMS. Still no change/listing when executing the app, but freed up my main memory.

Btw, the installed would not work on my HP 548 (hence why I did a manual install). The error was "Unsupported device" on the installer file on the desktop. Tried downloading the installer for the Xtended version, same results. I just manually installed it. Humm...

Thanks for the quick response!

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