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SubjectRe: I now own a Pocket PC! =) Reply to this message
Posted byTekhmaster
Posted on07/03/01 03:40 PM

> Bought a Casio EM-500 for $300. Now waiting fo my 64mb MMC to arrive, then I'll
> try MAME on it. Could someone recommend some games that run particularly well on
> a non-OC'ed EM-500?
> And I hear MAME CE3 uses older ROM sets than current MAME. Are there any plans
> to upgrade to the current sets? Is there some compelling reason why older sets
> are still used? My guess is that you're basing builds off older source codes and
> it would be a lot of work to upgrade the CE sources.
> I also predict better Pocket PC emulation & retrogaming news coverage at
> Retrogames.com very, very soon. ;)
> -P-

About time you got one! :)
Marconelly can better tell you which games run best on the Em500. I suspect Pacman, Crazy Kong, and Mr Do should run well and I am sure there are others.

MameCE3 uses almost current roms from MAME version .36 final. Mameboy however uses older versions than that for some of the games, so that is what you may have heard about.

Yes of course MameCE3 will be upgraded to version .37 at some point. I was kinda waiting for a final release or at least a RC1. Seems like this beta cycle is lasting longer than usual.
With so many changes in version .37 I have been procrastinating on even attempting it yet. I will probably make the first attempt shortly. I have alot of things going on but I see some development time opening up in about 2 weeks or so.

Maybe you can update your links on your MAME Page. The old ones point to Ben's old (and dead)site and version, which are way out of date and (it seems) to be discontinued. I suggest you point them to my site and pop a copy of MameCE3 up into it's place :)

I'm glad we were able to draw you to the Pocket Side (muhahah!)
We are doing pretty good with reviews lately, both PocketPC Magazine and Gamecenter.com have done one.


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