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SubjectHehehe... :) Reply to this message
Posted byProphet
Posted on07/04/01 09:14 PM

> ...for recommending this miniature device on Retrogames news....tempting me! :-)
> ....just when I just bought a new 1.7 GHZ pc in May...then bought a 80GB
> firewire hard drive......looking soon to get a digital camera (Fuji finepix
> 4900, 4.3 megapixel)..now this.......
> Glad you're back in Retrogames! :-)

Thanks Popeye, it's always great to see you around here. :) Seriously, I know how you feel. I want to get a digital camera next. But you truly will love the Pocket PC. Take a close look at Casios and @migos, as they have the best controls of the Pocket PC's. Next year the "Merlin" class Pocket PC's will arrive, and my bet is they'll have around 300 - 400 Mhz and likely be able to emulate NeoGeo games! Not to mention having the great classics full speed. An arcade in your pocket, who'd have ever thought?! =) And hey, it's a fine PDA and MP3 player as well!


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