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SubjectRe: My opinion of the @migo Reply to this message
Posted byAnonymous (
Posted on07/05/01 02:30 PM

> Well, if you're as gadget-loving as I am, you gotta get one. A few things:
> 64bit color screen
> Viewable in sunlight
> PC card slot (yes yes yes) with a cf to pc card adaptor its the most versatile
> PocketPC yet
> I borrowed back the iPaq I originally purchased 3 months ago (Sold it to a
> friend because it's button problem) and tested a few programs and games side by
> side, and the @migo actually seems faster.
> Screen seems larger. May be an optical illusion, but it makes gameplay pretty
> enjoyable.
> The 4 buttons in front PLUS the 8-way pad PLUS 5 more along the side make it
> really easy to use multi button emus like MAMECE.
> Same size as the casio even with the built in PC card slot. Also, I know the
> iPaq supports PC cards, but the @migo has a removable main battery, which gives
> it an advantage on really long trips.
> There's more, but my main impression is that it really rocks. I'm having more
> fun with it than I had with either my Casio or the iPaq.
> Oh, yeah, speaking of fun, I took so long to respond to this because I am
> responding via the @migo, using the 3Com Airconnect 802.11b pcmcia card on my
> wireless network.
> My casio could NEVER do that.
> > I almost bought an @migo. What's your opinion of it? How does it compare to
> the
> > other PocketPCs. Is the screen and gamepad as good as the Casio (and iPaqs')?
> > How good is it outside in sunlight, how about inside?
> > I'm sure others are as curious.
> >
> >
> > Cheers,
> > -Techmaster
> >
> http://www.gadgethome.net/Gm/gadget-cade.htm

The only problem is that there is a button limitation. You can only press 2 buttons at once. You can't run diagonally and shoot at the same time. (diagonal counts as 2 buttons up + left). But for most games this isn't a problem. Extremely good with MameCE3. ;-)

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