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SubjectRe: Sorry for the Off topic, -snip- Reply to this message
Posted byTekhmaster
Posted on07/11/01 04:25 PM

> > > I run PocketGB nd the ROMS off my storage card. PocketGB is creating .sav
> > > files, but the hiscores are not saving, nor are the "turn off the game in
> > pause
> > > mode" games retaining the session.
> >
> > I can't help on the answer unfortunately. Have you tried sending it to the
> > author? Sounds like a fix might be needed.
> >
> I posted in his discussion board, but it's soooo dead there I don't think he
> even reads it more than once a week.
> I had posted a suggestion, as well, that since my storage card was an IBM
> microdrive (and therefore a storage media that has physical moving parts as
> opposed to static memory) that maybe there was a timing issue where the EMU
> moves too fast expecting the response time of RAM, as opposed to a HD.
> he never responded to that either. I at least expected a "No way" or a "I'll
> look into it". Truthfully , he has posted answers and responses sice then, so I
> was wondering why he didn't ansdwer my post. I'm still waiting. I paid for
> this software too. I love it, but the most frustrating thing is to play a game
> like Pokemon (any version), get really good, have a kickass PM, and have to lose
> it completely.
> You get weary of playing like that.
> http://www.gadgethome.net/Gm/gadget-cade.htm

He may have missed the post. In any case I would repost it. Is there no email address for support?. As you said, you did pay for the software so you deserve a response, no matter what it is.

Don't you have even a small CF Memory Card to try out your theory? :)

I have a 340MB MicroDrive but I just picked up a 256MB CF Memory Card for $149 after rebate from Outpost.com! at that price I felt I had to have it (less power consumption and faster access).
Thats cheaper than the 128MB card I picked up about a year ago. Crazy! :)


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