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SubjectHP548 & keyboard Reply to this message
Posted byAnonymous (
Posted on09/18/01 11:03 PM

First, great job showing how to preserve the games on MAMECE. Definitely a historical element.

SYSTEM: HP547 with Targus Keyboard (the Costco bonus pack)

Definiing Targus Keyboard keys configured by *.cfg files under cfg fodler in both desktop-PC & CE-PC.

This cfg file can be modified/defined under the MAME program on the desktop to enable keyboard selected keys. (ie pacman I J K M) or (shoot with Z left < right >)

1: backup *.cfg files on desktop-MAME and HP-MAME.
2: copy HP-MAME *.cfg to over-write desktop *.cfg (backup 1st)
3: open ROM, and customize input keys under menu, usually TAB.
4: copy desktop *.cfg back to HP *.cfg.

Known problem: this of course overwrites any HP buttons as set by MAMECE on that *.cfg file. To restore MAMECE *.cfg and use HP-buttons just delete that *.cfg with the backup or incase of ROM *.cfg delete it and MAMECE will replace it with a new *.cfg.

Open Gamepad designation and select new profile call if left or right. The rocker switch works great as left and right which allows buttons to work same time as left right.
Also sets escape to be record button so you dont accidently push escape with the default rocker button.

Again, just for archive and historical purposes.

Great deal.