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SubjectRe: Techmaster: New offsets for HP568 Reply to this message
Posted byMarconelly!
Posted on10/11/01 12:17 PM

I believe most of the models are out. Go to www.brighthand.com and see the reports on all the new devices. IMHO, if you have an iPaq already, there's nothing really worth upgrading. I personally won't be upgrading my EM-500 either, as all the new devices (even Casios) use reflective screens, and there have already been reports of many cases of dust under the screen of new Jornada.

> > Techmaster,
> >
> > This is the way Mamece3 should be played, fast without controller problems.
> > While the HP658 controller scheme still feels cheap like the iPAQ's, at least
> it
> > can do diagonals, and has no button issues whatsoever. It still feels weird
> > playing this thing at iPAQ speeds without having the gameplay cramped. This
> > program really kicks butt now!!!
> >
> > Here are the new offsets for the HP568 so hopefully you can include it in the
> > next build.
> >
> > recorder - 0xc9
> > button 1 - 0xc1
> > button 2 - 0xd3
> > button 3 - 0xd1
> > button 4 - 0xd2
> > action - 0xd4
> >
> > Problems:
> >
> > For some reason even though I mapped the recorder and button 1, Mamece3 only
> > recognized button 2-4 and action. I know the recorder button has caused
> > problems before. Also Larry Banks mentioned in Brighthand the Home Key
> (button
> > 1) wasn't always getting recognized by GAPI. Tomorrow I will post my changes
> to
> > Cgapi in a follow-up since I am not using the PC with the toolkit on it. I
> had
> > to map escape to button2, lcontrol to button4, tab to action, return to
> button3
> > to access the config, and the key1 to button3. Just to give you an idea of
> the
> > new layout.
> >
> > Another thing, I had to use build 9.0 and not 9.1. 9.1 was giving my linkage
> > errors with the new routines you added for the file handling I think. Sorry I
> > can't give you more info, I just stopped trying and went to an older version
> > that I know worked in the toolkit before. Isn't your toolkit an early release
> > versus the what was officially released? Maybe that is why I am getting the
> > errors and you aren't. If I wasn't just a hack I would probably have a better
> > shot at fixing the problem.
> >
> > Ottoman
> >
> I'll plug these in somehow.
> Blasted, the new HP using the ARM processor is available already? I'll have to
> start looking around. I'm still deciding if I'll pick one up or wait to see what
> shows up from the other vendors. There is getting to be too many choices ;).
> FYI I am developing in the previous Visual C Development Kit but I have also
> compiled the sources in the MS Embedded toolkit that is free.
> Cheers,
> -Techmaster

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