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SubjectNew Pocket PC Opinions Reply to this message
Posted byTekhmaster
Posted on10/16/01 12:52 PM

Hi all,
I spent some time this weekend reviewing all the new Pocket PC Specs.
I decided to go out and pick up the only only currently available, the HP Jordnada 568. I figure I'll pick up the new iPaq next month and do a personal comparison, selling the loser afterwards.

My opinion of the new HP Jornado:

WOW! what a nice device!!!
If Compaq hasn't fixed the screen problem and keypad issue in this next release, they will NOT be on top for long.!

Most of the advatages that the iPaq had over the other devices seem to be gone. The flashable Rom, the reflective screen for outdoor use, The Speed, The Processor type. All have been included and in some cases mandated by MS in all new PocketPCs. THe HP has all these capabilities and the following:
1. 65K color screen. The screen is bright and the colors quite clear I think Marconnelly will even like this screen :).
2. User Replacable Backup battery AND Main Battery! HP listened to us and added this option back in. They are supposed to also offer double length batteries (in a larger size addon) in the future. This was one of my biggest peeves when I switched from the Casio .
3. Small Size and comfortable fit. This unit is small, It looks about the same size as a naked iPaq but it feels better in the hand. I don't feel like it will slip out my hand like the iPaq does.
4. Flip cover. This never really thrilled me, but for those of you who like this option, its included.
5. 64MB Can never have enough space :)
6. Voice recognition software. If you haven't installed this , I hightly recommend doing so just for the 'WOW factor'. It's not perfect and the voice that replies back to you is abit robotic, but it cracks me up to no end :) I say "close all programs" and my Pocket PC says "are you sure you want to close all programs?" I say "yes" My PocketPC says, "Closing all programs" Gut-buster:)
I hear the iPaq will have this option as well. The Docs say that addon components to this program will also be available in the future.
7. Supposedly no button problem. I haven't had the chance to test this out but if its true Compaq had dam well better have fixed there issue.

The only gripe I have with this HP is that it still only has the Type 1 CF Slot (but at least it is built in). My memory cards work and so does my new Symbol Wireless NIC (another great addon BTW). But my microdrive will not, nor will my CF Modem or older CF NIC. No a big problem but still...
The screen seems a little tighter between the layers so I don't think the dust issue will crop up in this unit. (Even if Marconnely supsects some have seen it ;)

Over all I am very impressed and I think Compaq had better be extrememly worried. If they haven't resolved their issues they will end up at the bottom favorites list. The only real advatage they will have is current customers, and the Sleeve/addon. I hear HP will even address this with an addon PC card option.

Tough Choices, maybe not.

PS, expect a new release for the new HP real Soon :)


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