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SubjectRe: New Pocket PC Opinions Reply to this message
Posted byAnonymous (
Posted on10/22/01 00:32 AM


I remember reading the posts about the J568 screen being too dark and also what lighting did exist was not balanced enough across the whole screen like the iPAQ. My J568 screen had none of these problems, in fact at the highest settings it is just as bright as my iPAQ. I think for some of the cases where people say the screen is too dark, they probably have it set to 'outdoor' setting. The J568 will not brighten based on the lighting conditions, so it will stay at whatever setting it is at. It will shut off the sidelamps if it is bright enough but it will not adjust the sidelamp output based on adequate or inadequate lighting. At least on mine it doesn't. If there is a way to make it adjust automatically like the iPAQ please someone tell me how!!

Yeah, I was lucky with not getting any dust in my screen. It took Compaq 15 months to get it right, but knowing how HP fixed the flaws in the J54x series quickly after it's initial release I wouldn't be surprised if HP get's those screens sealed by the end of the year. Still faster than Compaq response. I just took back my 3600 because of dust and got a 3765 (dust free so far). The say those models are sealed but I don't buy it. These things always come out of the gate dust free for the most part and turn into snowballs month's later. The 3765 is just the 64 meg 3600 with PocketPC 2002. Why would they finally get it right with the old design? Now I can believe the 3800 is sealed since it has been modified quite a bit from the original, "while we have this opened up why don't we fix the button problem and the dust problem in one swoop and look like heroes to the PPC community!!" Gee, thanks.


> > 1. 65K color screen. The screen is bright and the colors
> > quite clear I think Marconnelly will even like this
> > screen :).
> Hmmm, strange! I read tons of reports on brighthand that this new screen not
> only is much darker than that on old iPaq, but also has a weird lighting problem
> - top of the screen is not lighted enough and has some shadows - also that right
> side of the screen is not as bright as left side (or vice versa)
> > The screen seems a little tighter between the layers so
> > I don't think the dust issue will crop up in this unit.
> >(Even if Marconnely supsects some have seen it ;)
> Unfortunatelly, the dust issue with new jornada is already well known and
> documented. Now, I'm sure not every single unit will develop this problem, but
> I'm not ready to gamble yet :) It's a shame as everything else is so good on
> this new HP, but screen matters most to me. I will probably wait for the XScale
> devices to come out, and hope for some killer screenz ;)

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