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SubjectRe: Techmaster: Mamece3 slower on iPAQ3835 Reply to this message
Posted byAnonymous (
Posted on11/12/01 01:19 PM

The move to 16bit is the only thing I can think of too but why isn't the HP568 just as slow then? Almost everything I try runs slower on the 3800 versus the HP568.

I remember a post in Brighthand from the PocketTV team where they found a problem with the 3800 and GAPI. Something to do with the DRAM buffer returning false when it should be true. I don't know if that has anything to do with the speed drop but this does reminds me of the E125 GAPI problems of last year. Casio made some changed to the video controller that didn't help it's performance. I hope Compaq didn't inadvertently slow down the iPAQ with the new hardware. Hopefully you can speed things up a bit. Well, at least I know it isn't just my iPAQ that has this problem. Thanks for the reply.


> > Techmaster,
> >
> > I noticed on Brighthand you got your iPAQ3835. Could you check the framerate
> on
> > the 3835 versus your old iPAQ, when you get a chance? I swear Mamece3 runs
> > slower on my new 3850 versus the older iPAQ. iMame takes a performance hit
> > also. I am noticing a drop of around 30% in framerates between my
> > HP568/iPAQ3765 and the 3850. I know the performance problems extend beyond
> > Mamece3 because RocketElite which runs around 80 fps on the HP568 gets a
> > pathetic 30 fps on the 3850.
> >
> > Any chance of seeing a Megamamece3 for the HP568? At this point I would
> rather
> > play it on my Jornada than the 3850. Also let me know what you think of the
> > joypad. I still can't decide whether I like it or not. The buttons feel
> great
> > though, much better than the old iPAQ layout.
> >
> > Ottoman
> >
> I tested this myself last night, and you are correct. There is a loss in frame
> rates.
> The reason I suspect this is happeing is, the 3800 series is a 16bit screen. So
> we are losing speed but gaining more colors. I will have to investigate this a
> little more. If that is the case, maybe I can add a switch to disable 16bit
> mode.
> Mega build is in the works.
> I don't mind the new gamepad. It's a little odd becuase of the shape, but the
> fact that it works with all the buttons makes me a happy camper :)
> Also, I will be moving the fire button off the action and back to Button 3 or 4.
> This will help game play.
> For all you 3600 folks , never fear, I will continue to support the action fire
> button for your device, at least for now.
> Did they change the buttons again on the 3700 series? I've seen a few programs
> that are released for the iPasq 3700 model specifically, but can't figure out
> why.
> If they have, someone will need to provide some info to me so I can incorporate
> it.
> Cheers,
> -Techmaster

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