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SubjectRe: Techmaster: Mamece3 slower on iPAQ3835 Reply to this message
Posted byAnonymous (
Posted on11/12/01 06:26 PM

Forgot to answer your question about the 3700 buttons. I briefly owned one for awhile. I did not notice any offset changes to the button layout. The 3800 was their best chance to change anything (thankfully they didn't). Also I heard the 3700 was really the 3670 (?) 64 meg model with PocketPC2002 and some new software thrown in. Why I see 3700 compliant versions I do not know. If anything we should see 3800 upgrades based on what performance I am getting from some of these games.


> > Techmaster,
> >
> > I noticed on Brighthand you got your iPAQ3835. Could you check the framerate
> on
> > the 3835 versus your old iPAQ, when you get a chance? I swear Mamece3 runs
> > slower on my new 3850 versus the older iPAQ. iMame takes a performance hit
> > also. I am noticing a drop of around 30% in framerates between my
> > HP568/iPAQ3765 and the 3850. I know the performance problems extend beyond
> > Mamece3 because RocketElite which runs around 80 fps on the HP568 gets a
> > pathetic 30 fps on the 3850.
> >
> > Any chance of seeing a Megamamece3 for the HP568? At this point I would
> rather
> > play it on my Jornada than the 3850. Also let me know what you think of the
> > joypad. I still can't decide whether I like it or not. The buttons feel
> great
> > though, much better than the old iPAQ layout.
> >
> > Ottoman
> >
> I tested this myself last night, and you are correct. There is a loss in frame
> rates.
> The reason I suspect this is happeing is, the 3800 series is a 16bit screen. So
> we are losing speed but gaining more colors. I will have to investigate this a
> little more. If that is the case, maybe I can add a switch to disable 16bit
> mode.
> Mega build is in the works.
> I don't mind the new gamepad. It's a little odd becuase of the shape, but the
> fact that it works with all the buttons makes me a happy camper :)
> Also, I will be moving the fire button off the action and back to Button 3 or 4.
> This will help game play.
> For all you 3600 folks , never fear, I will continue to support the action fire
> button for your device, at least for now.
> Did they change the buttons again on the 3700 series? I've seen a few programs
> that are released for the iPasq 3700 model specifically, but can't figure out
> why.
> If they have, someone will need to provide some info to me so I can incorporate
> it.
> Cheers,
> -Techmaster

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