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SubjectRe: Mameboy source code? Reply to this message
Posted byAnonymous (
Posted on12/03/01 08:37 PM

> I used the link that is on mameworld.net, but I can only load the Mameboy main
> page, not any of the links. Is it down?
> I had the source code at one time, but I lost it in a hard drive crash. For CE
> 2.11, I was able to get Mameboy to compile and work correctly on my Z50. I had
> trouble getting the regular (er, I don't remember which version specifically)
> MameCE to work at all, although, I suppose I could try that code again, if I
> write a gx.dll. I think that was the main problem, that GAPI is not available
> on the older OS, only CE 3.0. However, I found that someone has written a GAPI
> lib for the Casio E-10, and I think this could be adapted to the Z50, of course.
> (By the way, perhaps this would allow more verions of MameCE to run on the
> Casio E-10?)
> Anyway, would this be a better way to go, long-term? Perhaps my changes could
> be rolled into the regular MameCE release. There are only minor changes between
> the Z50 and the older Casios (like, the keyboard keys, mainly, and the offset to
> the video buffer).
> G.

I saw the GAPI for E-10X, but I haven't had a chance to try it yet. Do you have the URL for it handy? I'd like to snag the latest version to play with.

As you said in your reply, my page, http://www.finck.net/mamece-10x/ has the source for my build, which, as you pointed out, is also the source for "Mameboy" (less a few tweaks). Somewhere I may have the emails to the guy who maintains Mameboy detailing the required tweaks, if you need it.


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