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SubjectRe: HP Jornada 565 "Game Keys" Reply to this message
Posted byTekhmaster
Posted on12/05/01 07:28 PM

> I don't think the latest version for the HP568 has the Mame UI option, or if it
> did it isn't mapped to a working button. Luckily I have a version of 9.0 that
> works on my HP568 where I can customize the the Mame UI, if needed.
> Here is the layout that works best(for me at least):
> > MameUI = Action button
> > Button3 = Coin1, 1 Player start, and Fire Button2
> > Button4 = Fire Button1, 2 Player start, and MameUI Enter
> > Button2 = Escape to Game Menu
> Techmaster's current mapping are good but if the next version of Mamece3 can
> include the MameUI functionality it would be even better. Even with the
> problems the HP568 has with mapping to the home key and record button, mapping
> the MameUI can work with what the available buttons unlike the older HP54x's.
> I'm sure Techmaster will get it fixed with the next update.
> > Iam pretty sure to have the latest exe. When i click on File/About is says
> > version 9.30.
> >
> > how can i remap the buttons in the mameui, i havent found that one out either,
> > or is it possible to configure the buttons in the cfg-file by hand?
> >
> > thanks for your help
> > necro
> >

I changed the MameUI button to the record button which as you know doesn't work correctly at this time.
I did this becuase I kept hitting the action button while playing and this was getting annoying.
I can move it back but I want to look into finding a workaround for the record or Home key first.
You can configure your cfg on your desktop MAME and copy them over. They are interchangeable. :)


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