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SubjectRe: HP Jornada 565 "Game Keys" Reply to this message
Posted byTekhmaster
Posted on12/12/01 03:08 PM

Very strange. It works without any delay on my device.
I'm out of suggestions at the moment. Some games just don't work properly. Galaga for example will not accept coins(at least on my other devices) I had to set it to free play, and even then it was slow.

> Some of the games work for me now... Some don't register coin insert, others
> do. I have to press the task key about 6-7 times for each coin insert. If I
> want three coins, it takes about 20 presses! Buttons (fire for example) work
> fine during the game itself, it's just the coin insert. At least it is working
> on some games now.
> > > I have a 568 and I think I have the same problem. I can do the left-right to
> > > agree when the ROM loads, but I can never insert a coin with any of the
> > buttons.
> > > How do I go about modifying the cfg?
> > >
> > On the Jornado 568, the coin key is set to button 4 or the task key.
> > The player 1 start game is button 3. This is a little different from previous
> > versions.
> > If it doens't register a coin right a way give it second and try again.
> Sometime
> > there is a delay as the program syncs up.
> > Be sure to close ALL apps before running MameCE3. Don't just hide them but be
> > sure they are closed completely ( a soft reboot is probably the easiest way).
> > This is required becuase emulation requires extreme amounts of CPU time and if
> > another app is running in the background, it will hinder MameCE3.
> >


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