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SubjectMega/MameCE3 build just for 8-bit? Reply to this message
Posted byAnonymous (
Posted on12/12/01 10:47 PM

Is there any possibility of releasing a build of MegaMameCE3 that just has the "8-bit" era, 1985 and earlier?
I wonder if there would be other desire for this type of release?

Some of my reasons:

Compatibility - I've tried Mega v9.1 and v9.3, but dropped back down again to v8.1 because many older games stopped working or crashed in successive releases. Not sure if newer games/features are affecting older "classic" games.

Speed - I'm not sure if that would help the speed any, to leave out the 16-bit and more complex chipsets.(not a programmer) MameBoyX runs very fast, up to 100% on my E-125 with many popular games.

Size - 8MB is a pretty big executable, I keep it and the ROMs in storage memory.(because I use CF peripherals a lot) And still trying to keep 16MB allocated free program memory for other apps, that doesn't leave much. Plus, that stuping PocketPC OS keeps sliding the bar over if the free storage memory falls below 3MB, wish I could fix that too BTW.

Personal preference - 8-bit, early 80's, that's the true nostalgia era and the heart of Mame, at least IHMO.

Thanks for looking!