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SubjectRe: HP 525 Probs Reply to this message
Posted byAnonymous (
Posted on12/21/01 07:59 PM

Ya, i do have the gx.dll file already in the windows folder too. The GAPI (i think it's called that) file had a gx.dll and a gx.lib, i copied them both to the windows folder. I've tried quite a few different ROMs.

If ANYone has used specifically the Jornada 525 system successfully with MameCE, can you post? Even if you can't offer help, at least we'll know it CAN work..

I'm still a little confused about which download to use:

All Builds - Auto Installer:
MameCE3 Binary - size 3800KB
More Enabled GameDrivers Added:
MEGAMameCE3 Binary - size 9140KB
Program Exe is over 6MB (8MB for MIPS).

MameCE3 Source - size 7439KB

Current Version in Zipped CAB Format:
(For Manual Installation or Upgrade)
ARM CAB (iPAQ, HP56x) - size 623KB
MIPS CAB (Casio) - size 789KB
SH3 CAB (Jornada color)- size 725KB
PsPC CAB v9.0(Casio E10x)-size968KB
More Enabled GameDrivers Added:
ARM CAB (iPAQ, HP56x) - size 1920KB
MIPS CAB (Casio) - size 2212KB
SH3 CAB (Jornada color)- size 2214KB

These are the choices, i assume the first in the list, since it's the auto installer, but can't get it to work. Theer are no descriptions. From the name, the second in the list implies it supports more games? Why would someone use this one.. I've tried it too, nogo. Have tried all the rest for SH3, nogo..


> Ok, i posted the first string on this. I have the gx.dll For you that dont, go
> to the microsoft website and look for GAPI. I also downloaded all the Sh3
> versions. Im back to pocketNES for now. PLease help!
> > Just dowloaded all versions of mamece, making sure to use SH3 version (that's
> > what jornada 525 requires. Couldn't get any to work. Some ROMs freeze the
> > system, requiring a soft reset, some blank the screen (goes black) for a
> second
> > or two ad go back to the mame screen. I did notice that the file gx.dll wasn't
> > on my 525, looking through its explorer, but it seemed to be looking at it
> from
> > the host- apparently it's a hidden file?? Haven't been able to get any
> > version/rom to work, have tried 8 or 10 DLLs. I could be doing something
> wrong,
> > i know PCs pretty well but i'm a bit new to the PPCs.
> >
> > I did try using the auto installer (exe)and also tried copying CABs to the
> > system and installing that way. Did unistall through active syc between each
> > reistall. Did try different versions of some roms.
> >
> >
> > > I'm having the same problems, have tried multiple ROMs. Noticed in the help
> > > files there should be a gx.dll in the /windows directory, but there isn't, i
> > > can't find this file anywhere..
> > >
> > > I also have an HP 525 (jornada)
> > >
> > > > Hello
> > > > Im having problems running any MAME roms on my HP525. I have everything in
> > the
> > > > right place. I start out the MAMECE3, load any of the roms that i have and
> > it
> > > > starts, but a black screen shows up. I have 10 megs of program space free.
> > Any
> > > > suggestions are welcome. Please reply
> > > >
> > >
> >

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