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SubjectRe: Mame for pocket PC - Dead? Reply to this message
Posted byTekhmaster
Posted on05/10/02 02:59 PM

> What the deal with the pocket PC emulation site not being updated for sometime
> since last year?
> Seems like vitually nothing has happened on the whole pocket pc emulation scene,
> has everyone become uninspired?
> Is Mame for pocket PC dead cause there has been nothing new since last year?
> There was rave reviews then nothing. They must of thought it was the start of
> something big, I guess they were wrong. After seeing the impressive gnuboy
> gameboy emulator.
> The pocket pc is a great machine, to bad that no one is interested anymore.
> This must be the end until some new more powerful hardware comes out till then
> it must be dead even tho popularity and sales of the small gadget are growing
> rapidly.
> signed
> confused about the future of handheld emu.
Actually the PocketPC Site is not done by Me the author of MAMECE3. It was started by Prophet, who may or may not have lost interest in the scene. He may also have lost the spare time he was planning on spending on that project.

MameCE3 however, is not dead, in fact I released a minor update about a month or so ago. The problem is that this is done in my spare time, and that tends to be sketchy at times.
I am still working on MameCE3, in fact I have started a new port using the current source code. However many things have changed since version .36 so it is almost a total rewrite. This takes time. Hang in there and new releases should be seen in the near future.
You are right in that it will take newer hardware for any grand changes to take effect. Emulating 3000 Arcade machines is a tall order for the current hardware. Emulating only a few of those machines seems to be an easier task.
If you want such things, feel free to buy those indvidual games and be content, if however you wish to have many of the games, then you will be content with the current release, wait for future releases, or download the source and start contributing something back as others have done.
Those are your choices good or bad.

Patience is usually golden in such matters.


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