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SubjectRe: message to Techmaster Reply to this message
Posted byTekhmaster
Posted on05/13/02 06:29 PM

> Sorry about losing the plot and becoming impatience. Your work is very good and
> many thanks go out to you, also I would like to point out that im not putting
> you down in anyway what so ever.
> I can only dream of being able to program but I dont think I have the brains to
> be able to, Im just your aveage guy(joe bloggs) that got aveage marks when I was
> at school.
> I have made feeble attemps to program on todays PC's but I dint even get of the
> start line, it seem so complicated. The only thing I ever programed was on a
> commodore 64 - 10 print"hello"; 20 goto 10 Run , then a few small programs that
> were already written in a magazine that you just copy out.
> Do you have to be a genious to program or can someone like be be able to it? Is
> there any hope?
> Believe me I would take that source code right now and have a go. But all I can
> do with a computer is slap a few hardware peices together with some oversized
> heatsinks and tweak/overclock them to the limit.
> If it is easier than I think it is then please point me in the right direction
> so I can contribute.
> signed
> Dreaming of programing.

Thank you.
Programming does take a special interest as well as a 'knack'. I program (had a VIC 20 to start on:) but I stopped for a few years and only just recently picked it back up. I have interest and some skill with it but I doubt I will ever have the 'knack' like The dedicated MAME Guys such as Nicola Salmoria. He truly has a Gift.

If you are not a programmer you will have to wait with patience for each new release. Sometimes its better that way, the tension and stress related to getting a 'next release' can be a bit overwhelming :\
especially when its done for free.
The 5 minutes of fame after each release is nice but only goes so far :)


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