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SubjectRe: message to Techmaster Reply to this message
Posted byVidgamer
Posted on06/27/02 11:10 PM

> I can only dream of being able to program but I dont think I have the brains to
> be able to, Im just your aveage guy(joe bloggs) that got aveage marks when I was
> at school.
> I have made feeble attemps to program on todays PC's but I dint even get of the
> start line, it seem so complicated. The only thing I ever programed was on a
> commodore 64 - 10 print"hello"; 20 goto 10 Run , then a

Ah, the good ol' days! How many of us started with the C-64 and other such machines? At least in those days, it didn't take long to make a useful program. Now, it's a pain to construct a gui, even if you just want to do something simple.

> Do you have to be a genious to program or can someone like be be able to it? Is
> there any hope?

I don't think you have to be a genius to program, at least as long as you're not trying to do the most incredible state-of-the-art stuff. But, it does take a bit of effort to get jump-started into it (where do you begin?), and you do have to like to stare at the computer screen and curse at it when things don't work. :-) You have to be good at logical thinking, with a lot of patience to mess with it until it really works when your thinking wasn't good enough. If you're willing to dig in and make it happen, then I say, go for it.

If at all possible, I'd recommend taking a course, preferably working toward a degree, at your local university. Failing that, you might be able to teach yourself some things with some books.

You need some basic knowledge before working on something on the order of MAME, but some of the things you can do with MAME aren't too hard. For example, I was able to enable some of the drivers that were commented-out, so that I could play things that weren't in the standard download. It's easy, once you see how the program works; if you don't know much about programming, it's going to be real hard to do anything! (I did some things that were a bit harder -- figured out keymaps for my device, and some other minor issues.)

Anyway, I guess my thought is that if you are interested, it might be worth a shot. Besides, it might open up a lot of job opportunities down the road. :-)

> Believe me I would take that source code right now and have a go. But all I can
> do with a computer is slap a few hardware peices together with some oversized
> heatsinks and tweak/overclock them to the limit.
> If it is easier than I think it is then please point me in the right direction
> so I can contribute.

You can download a compiler for free from Microsoft -- the eMbedded systems compiler, I think they call it. It will take you a while to see how it is set up, so I would recommend reading as much of the help files as you can stand. Often, compilers include sample programs which are helpful to experiment with.

Hope this helps.

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