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SubjectA few newbie questions Reply to this message
Posted bybockus
Posted on07/10/02 08:26 PM

Im using an Audiovox Maestro, not sure if that's causing any problems... I can't flip the screen to landscape mode (it goes upside down if I flip it right, and nothing happens when I flip it left), and I can't get certain roms (i.e. Caveman Ninja 3rd rev.) to load; the screen either goes black, or it just returns to the MAME CE screen. (im using the mega mame ce version, and I have about 11 and a half megs of program memory free). Also, some games (Loderunner, Joust) clip the screen so I can't see far enough left or right. I also can't get past the "factory settings restored" screen in Joust, since i can't hit f2 :(
sorry if these are stupid questions and/or have been answered somewhere... also, thanks a lot for making mame ce.