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SubjectRe: MameCE works, MegaCE doesn't. Plus, documentation!? Reply to this message
Posted byTekhmaster
Posted on12/19/02 02:06 AM

> Here are the games I have tried so far. They are all old; most predate 1984. I
> am using a PocketPC2002 with a StrongARM 206Mhz cpu.
> Galaxian
> Space Invaders
> Joust
> Ms. Pac-Man
> Jr. Pac-Man
> Marble Madness
> The following games have worked:
> Space Invaders: Fails to achieve full framerate at odd moments, such as when
> starting a game and the score is flashing. Otherwise seems to run fine.
> Galaxian: Does not achieve full framerate ever. Turning off throttling fixes
> the scratchy audio but slows things down by about a third. Considering I got
> full framerate on a Pentium 120 in the past, I suspect whatever is responsible
> for the lackluster performance is fixable.
> Joust: Although this game works, it defaults to vertical mode, which leaves the
> sides of the display off-screen. Rotating the screen left has no effect.
> Rotating the screen right merely inverts it (vertically), which is no better
> than simply upright.
> These games refused to load, in spite of the fact that all the roms are there -
> I tested each of them individually, without providing access to other archives,
> with Mame under Windows:
> Ms. Pac-Man
> Jr. Pac-Man
> Marble Madness
> What happened was the emulator sat with a black screen for a few moments, then
> gave up and returned to the menu screen.
> I reiterate that I have tons of free ram so that is not the issue.
> If anyone has any clue why this is happening (as I have to assume that this is
> not happening to everyone), I would love to hear some recommendations. Also, if
> there are other forums I should visit, please, inform me of them.

First, Keep in mind that the current build of MameCE3 is based on Older MAME code version .36. So you may need older based ROMs to make games work.
Second, Games that require large amounts of RAM or Multiple CPUs will probably not run. The ARM CPU just can't handle all that work.
Third, Keep in mind that MAME works well on 120Mhz CPU with a Computers that have very advanced Graphic Adaptors. The PocketPCs have NO Advanced CPU or Memory for the Graphics functions. So the overall performance suffers.

Given all that, I am working on a rebuild that I hope will clean up stretching issues, ROM version compatability ,and performance issues.
No ETA yet.


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