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SubjectRe: jornada button mapping/general howto Reply to this message
Posted byTekhmaster
Posted on06/10/03 01:33 AM

Thanks for the input. I am sure many folks apreciate it :)
That is why this board exists, for both myself and you, the end users, to support each other and pass along tips etc when I am not available.


> I have spent some time getting my jornada to work and have gotten help from this
> board, so here's payback. ;->
> I have a jornada 548, so your milage may vary from what works for me.
> Symptom: jog button works, but 4 buttons on bottom (home todo, etc.) don't.
> Fix: Enable HP Game Buttons (This was all I had to do to get mine to work.)
> Don't worry about game profiles, they don't seem to matter.
> To get there: Tap upper left hand of screen to bring up the start menu. Select
> settings menu choice. Select system tab. Select HP game control. Tap on 'Enable
> mapping' checkbox, which should now be checked.
> Symptom: Games are on CF card, but you can't see them in mamece menu.
> Fix: If your roms directory for mamece is at \Program Files\MameCE\Roms then put
> your roms in \Storage Card\Program Files\MameCE\Roms. So, in your favorite CF
> writer, make Program Files\MameCE\Roms and dump the ZIPs, not the unzpped data,
> in there. In general, it seems like if you want files to show up as in a certain
> directory on built in memory, make that exact same file structure on the CF
> memory card and drop the files into the corresponding directory.
> Symptom: I can't see my *.mp3 file(s) in media player.
> Fix: Make a 'My Documents' folder on your CF card and put them in there. This
> directory seems to get searched whenever M$ programs are looking for something.
> Symptom: I can't move left/right/up/down and jump/fire/crouch at the same time.
> Fix: Map left/right/up/down to scroll wheel on side and jump/fire/etc to bottom
> buttons. You can hit at most a single button from the bottom row and a single
> action from the jog dial at the same time. So, for things you want to do
> simultaneously, map 1 to the jog dial and map the other to one of the bottom 4
> buttons.
> Symptom: I need to map more functions than I have buttons.
> Fix: Map multiple functions that you DON'T use in the same context onto 1
> button. For example, make the record button quit, then map in game menu/menu
> enter/etc to that same button. It will still exit you from the game, and it
> provides a way to map 'junk' buttons that you won't be using and are screwing up
> you play. You may also map the in game menu enter to fire, since it doesn't
> matter if the game registers a menu select when the menu screen isn't up.
> Hope this helps, I have seen a lot of posts about these problems and thought it
> might be handy to get them all in one place. Thanks to everyone whos answers I
> am stealing from their posts to put here.
> Remember, no matter where you go, there you are.


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