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SubjectRe: good sound New PDA or do I learn coding ? Reply to this message
Posted byTekhmaster
Posted on06/10/03 01:39 AM

The sound code is were your seeing the slow down. It is the weakest part of the code IMHO. I dont know that added hardware will help the current solution. Optimising the program for the game you wish to play might help as you
will be removing much code that is not needed.

input and code enhancement is always appreciated. Credit will be assigned for any code used.


> Hello everybody !
> I'm very found of arcade game commando and work done on mamece ( i use mega ver
> on ipaq 3630 ) is very impressive !!!
> I m just disapointed with a very jerky sound at this time but read in other
> threads that sound code need some ehancements as it takes much ressources ( I
> also saw my cpu around 95-100 % while game ran ).
> ****************************************
> My questions are :
> At this time would the purchase of a more powerfull unit ( Axim 400mhz, New PXA
> 255 400mhz pdas with ati image) give far better results concerning sound
> jerkiness or does it gives around the same result as on my ipaq 3630 at this
> time of mame code revisions ?
> I use mamece mega, could i get better speed by compiling my own optimised
> mamececode only for one game ( i.e removing unused drivers/dep or is it wrong
> path ?)
> Last question, do you believe that optimised sound routines ( if possible )
> might make it fully enjoyable on smthing with arm206 like ipaq3630 or do we
> definitly needa more power for good sound emulation ?
> Aim of these questions :
> I'm about to buy a new 400Mhz axim or wait a little and get new faster PXA255
> 400 Mhz ( is it worth versus pxa250 ? ) my main motivation is emulation (
> especially mamece with sound ) if the additional amount of power doesn't make
> the trick, i'd keep my 3630 for now and save my money for other things .
> On the other hands, i'd like to discover CE programming and already looked at
> mamece source, from your experinece, do you think it's possible getting near
> perfect sound on ipaq 3630 like devices ?
> If so, this could be a motivation for me to learn and focus on sound
> optimisation regarding pocket pc coding ....
> Thanks a lot for your feedbacks and again congratulations for your porting guys
> Kind regards
> Chapaai


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