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SubjectRe: Blank Screen of Death? Reply to this message
Posted byTekhmaster
Posted on07/05/03 08:11 PM

My guess is that the romset you have is not the one based on v.36 of Mame. I can only say that you need to have the correct romset. Other sources exist on the Internet such as Newsgroups and IRC.

I am working on a new release (as I always seem to be) ;) hopefully it will come together soon. When it does, it will be based on the current romsets.


> Hi,
> Great forum. Gives me a lot of confidence when the designer of the product I'm
> using (MameCE3 v9.50) is on the board. So far from the forum, I've been able to
> load MameCE3 and I finally through tons of aggravation have got three ROMs to
> show up in the Play Games list. I have Donkey Kong, DigDug, and Galaga. I'm
> trying to keep it simple.
> My problem is, I keep getting a blank screen after choosing one of these games
> to play. Then after a few seconds it goes back to the Main screen of MameCE3.
> I think I would cry from happiness if I could get this emulator to play Donkey
> Kong.
> Things I've read from this forum and tried-
> I read this might be a memory problem- I'm using a Toshiba e335 with 64MB
> memory, when I check my memory settings I get Free Storage memory of 21.13MB and
> Free Program memory of 20.56 MB, both seem to high enough.
> Secondly, I read it might be from the install, the replacement of a gx.dll (sp)
> file. I reinstalled MameCE3 and chose to replace that dll file but still did
> not work.
> Third, I read that it might be because I am not using old enough roms. I've
> continuously tried to download from xxx.mame.dk but I cant seem to download any
> old roms, the links don't actually have links. My games do show up in the
> playlist so I'm hoping they are the older versions but I dont have any way of
> checking, or at least I dont know exactly how to check the version of a rom. I
> got these roms from
> xxx.theoldcomputer.com/Libarary's/Emulation/MSX/Roms/MSX_roms_summary.htm
> (I used the xxx instead of the www because I saw y'all do that and am guessing
> thats an netiquette thing)
> So now, I'm at a loss. I would love to get this program working properly
> because I love old school gaming. If you have any ideas please let me know.
> Thanks,
> SomeoneUDunno


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