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SubjectRe: Battlezone - Key Remapping Reply to this message
Posted bydisgruntleelf
Posted on11/09/05 08:56 PM

The orignal Battlezone arcade game had two joysticks and a fire button if I remember right. The only way to configure the controls properly to play is to assign the VI Menu and Enter keys to buttons on ur PPC(see general configuration diagram on how I assigned mine). Its a good idea to assign the VI Menu and Enter buttons for two reasons. 1. Some arcade games have to be reset to play, such as Williams games(Sinistar, Defender, Joust2, etc..).The "Reset" in the VI Menu screen will allow this. 2. It gives access to the "Dip Switches" that allows u to change in-game settings.

General Configurations

Mic Button
]- Exit/2 player

-----(Coins)-(Fire 3)-Left(UP/DOWN)Right-(Fire 1)-(Fire2)
-----VI Menu--VI Enter

Note 1: Exit takes precedent over all functions.
Note 2: If Exit button is pressed while VI Menu is activated exit only quits VI Menu not game.

Now comes the fun part. Ur gonna have to configure the controls in-game with the VI Menu and Enter keys. If ur familiar with Mame32 this will be easy if not try and follow along. Select the Battlezone game and start it up. Press the VI Menu key and a menu screen will appear. Select "(Input this game)" and press the VI Enter key. Now configure ur controls like the one in Battlezone configuration diagram using the VI Enter key. The 1, ALT, LCTRL are the values u will see when u press the buttons to match the one illustrated below. The disk represents the first joystick and the two buttons the second. DONT WORRY IF U SCREW ANYTHING UP! U can delete the game configuration files in Program Files/Mamece/cfg and try again till u get them the way u want. After ur done press the exit key to leave the menu and return to the game.


--------------UP- P1 Right/Up
(N/A)-(N/A)-( ALT- P1 Button 3)-----(LCTRL)-----(1)
--------------DOWN- P1 Right/Down---P1 Left/Up--P1 Left/Down

This is the one I use for Battlezone. Press forward on both forward buttons to go forward and the opposite to go backwards. Try one forward and one backward to turn and centre disk button to fire. I hope this helps...if not TOO BAD! :P

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