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SubjectRe: Battlezone - Key Remapping Reply to this message
Posted bypocket_rocket33
Posted on01/07/06 06:34 PM

>Thanks I'll give it a try! :)

The orignal Battlezone arcade game had two joysticks and a fire button if I
> remember right. The only way to configure the controls properly to play is to
> assign the VI Menu and Enter keys to buttons on ur PPC(see general configuration
> diagram on how I assigned mine). Its a good idea to assign the VI Menu and Enter
> buttons for two reasons. 1. Some arcade games have to be reset to play, such as
> Williams games(Sinistar, Defender, Joust2, etc..).The "Reset" in the VI Menu
> screen will allow this. 2. It gives access to the "Dip Switches" that allows u
> to change in-game settings.
> General Configurations
> Mic Button
> ]- Exit/2 player
> -----(Coins)-(Fire 3)-Left(UP/DOWN)Right-(Fire 1)-(Fire2)
> -----VI Menu--VI Enter
> Note 1: Exit takes precedent over all functions.
> Note 2: If Exit button is pressed while VI Menu is activated exit only quits VI
> Menu not game.
> Now comes the fun part. Ur gonna have to configure the controls in-game with the
> VI Menu and Enter keys. If ur familiar with Mame32 this will be easy if not try
> and follow along. Select the Battlezone game and start it up. Press the VI Menu
> key and a menu screen will appear. Select "(Input this game)" and press the VI
> Enter key. Now configure ur controls like the one in Battlezone configuration
> diagram using the VI Enter key. The 1, ALT, LCTRL are the values u will see when
> u press the buttons to match the one illustrated below. The disk represents the
> first joystick and the two buttons the second. DONT WORRY IF U SCREW ANYTHING
> UP! U can delete the game configuration files in Program Files/Mamece/cfg and
> try again till u get them the way u want. After ur done press the exit key to
> leave the menu and return to the game.
> --------------UP- P1 Right/Up
> (N/A)-(N/A)-( ALT- P1 Button 3)-----(LCTRL)-----(1)
> --------------DOWN- P1 Right/Down---P1 Left/Up--P1 Left/Down
> This is the one I use for Battlezone. Press forward on both forward buttons to
> go forward and the opposite to go backwards. Try one forward and one backward to
> turn and centre disk button to fire. I hope this helps...if not TOO BAD! :P

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