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SubjectRe: I have a Stupid Question?????? Reply to this message
Posted byAnonymous (
Posted on01/27/01 06:54 PM

One more thing:

You are mistaken about the size of the EXE for most recent MAME for Windows (MAME32); it is well over 10MB, I just downloaded it. Either the MAME32 guys realize that the EXE packer is a bit silly, or a good one doesn't exist for Win32 either.


> I'm going to ignore the first couple of questions and take the last one;
> comparing the exe size to desktop MAME:
> DOS MAME uses an executable compression program (called UPX) which uncompresses
> the exetutable at runtime. It's a little like a self-extracting zip, except
> different, and much faster, and likely less efficient. Anyhow, that's why the
> exetuable is smaller. Without using them, the DOS MAME exe is huge also. And
> it still takes the same amount of memory after it decompresses itself. Such exe
> compressing programs don't exist for CE and wouldn't really make much sense, if
> you think about it; except for saving a little bit of Storage memory. The same
> amount (or a little more) Program memory would still be required to run it.
> Darren
> > I'm not a programmer, (I wan't to be and currently working on it) but I just
> got
> > to ask this question. Why is the MameCE executable is 2mb and the Extra Large
> > build is 8mb? How come some other program on the PocketPC is sometimes 1.5mb
> or
> > less. Is there a way to make it smaller and compress? The reason I ask this
> is
> > that even the most recent Mame (for Dos/Windows) only about 3mb?
> >

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