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SubjectRe: em500g 2nd part Reply to this message
Posted byMarconelly!
Posted on02/08/01 02:30 AM

> > i send the files to the folder "my documents" on my desktop.from there active
> > sync puts the files automatically to the "my documents" folder on my em500.the

Don't do that. Here's what you have to do:

0. Delete MAMEBoy completely from your EM-500 with all ROMs and everything.

1. Unzip MAMEBoy archive and make sure to preserve the folder structure.

2. Go to a folder where you unzipped archive. There will be four folders inside: E115, E125, EM500, Today Banner.

3. Go to EM500 folder. There will be MAMEBoy folder inside.

4. Now connect your EM-500 with your PC and after it's connected, double click on 'My Computer' Icon on your desktop.

5. Double click on the Icon 'Mobile Device'

6. Now, as you can see, you can browse thru folders on your EM-500 just as you would browse them on your local hard drive. No need to use My Documents syncing method, this gives you some real control over your files.

7. Double click on My Pocket PC icon and then double click on Storage Card Icon. Contents of your MMC card will be listed.

8. So far you should have two windows open on your desktop: One displaying only MAMEBoy folder and the other you just opened with contents of your MMC card.

9. Now just drag MAMEBoy folder and drop it to a window where your MMC content is listed. Make sure you drop it into an emty space in the window, not over any of the existing folders. Copying will start and after a minute you will see MAMEBoy folder on your MMC card. Double click on it, go to ROMs folder and copy ROM zip archives there.

10. Now start MAMEBoy.exe and see if it works.

> maybe it depends on the version of my em500g,because its a german one.or i
> loaded down the wrong roms.for which version of mame do i have to load down the
> roms?what do i have to know about the roms in general?maybe you can send me a
> right rom which has to run on my machine.

I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with your machine or with ROMs. If you got them from MAME.dk they should work (some of them don't, but those you got should work)

There could be one problem. What is the name of Storage Card when you browse folders on EM-500?
Is it 'Storage Card' or is it 'Speicher Cart' or something simmilar in German? If the name is not 'Storage Card' that's most likely the problem. Also, tell me what is the name of 'Program Files' folder? Is it 'Program Files' or something else, in German?

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