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SubjectRe: neoragex.com needs hosting. Reply to this message
Posted by[Pi]
Posted on08/29/05 06:01 PM

> In short, your response seems very ‘narrow’
> (in the context of your thinking) and that kind of attitude does not support the
> ethos of the emulation community.

1. I do not talk in behalf of the emulation community, and I hope you don't do either.
2. I'm talking in the context of *this* board, where NeoRageX hacks are frowned upon, and it's forbidden to talk about distribution of illegal roms.

I'm not narrow thinked, you know. I was just brief. I don't think that distributing a 15 year old game, downloading it and using it when you barely have any option other than a lousy port in a crappy handheld is too immoral, but I'm not judging that right now.

Moreover, I wasn't flaming you, just pointing out that your request was very out of place in this board. Any longstanding regular here, including Ironman (the FAQ writer) and the moderator would possibly agree in this point.

> If anything, Janne and Anders should make
> NeoRAGEx open source rather than individuals having to hack the executable, this
> would allow their initial good work to be continued and improved upon for the
> benefit of all.

That's not your decision. They said they didn't want people to hack it, regardless of the active or dormant status of the emulator itself. I think they wanted to actually *rewrite* it from scratch because the code was useless in that form. Still, they allowed us to use it for free; but that doesn't make the emulator "ours" or give us any right to abuse it in any way. I think that hacking it, specifically against its authors' wishes, is abusive. I wouldn't like my own work to be abused like this. Again, this is not double morality, just respect for other's work. It was their decision to not make it open source. NeoRageX is an obsolete and inaccurate emulator nowadays, it was good (and lighting fast!) in the old times but any other emulator currently maintained is one hundred times better and doesn't need to be hacked to death just to be able to play hacked roms.

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