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SubjectMAME32 optimum settings Reply to this message
Posted byi_apocalypseon
Posted on06/25/06 05:08 AM

jeez people i'm sorry for the first posting. gone horribly wrong.. i was real sleepy. anyway.. hello everyone. i'm running mame32 on a P4 3.0Ghz,512 MB RAM ,Intel Extreme 2 onboard 64 mb(my radeon 9600 pro's lying outside). i'm trying to run metal slug 5. i know this is pretty generalized a qs. but is there any ideal settings? for instance regards clean stretch, switch res to fit, stretch using hardware, enforce aspect ratio. well one way or the other here are the 2 things i end up with: 1 - metal slug loads up plays well, sound is smooth & crisp. looks great like interpolation. but doesn't stretch to fill the entire screen. 2 - metal slug loads, plays, fills the entire screen, looks ok(kinda pixelated like dot-matrix) but sound stutters(echoes). i'm really new to this.