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SubjectIs it coming to the states? Reply to this message
Posted byTechrat 2004
Posted on07/18/06 00:18 AM

> Bad news: PS2 Metal Slug 6 delayed until september :(
> > It's a pretty decent 3D platformer. I jumped out of Tomb Raider: Legends for
> > Xbox 360 and onto the PS2, and I had a lot more fun playing Metal Slug 3D
> albeit
> > with lower quality graphics. The FMV is the best part tho, I know a lot of
> > people aren't big fans of FMV but there's enough game content there as well.
> > The FMV intro transitions the gamer into the game from identifying well known
> > characters in 3D before putting you at the title screen which just reads
> "Metal
> > Slug". Fortunately, unlike the majority of games with FMV which is generally
> > intro and ending scenes, there are also FMV cut scenes between levels. The
> game
> > seems very easy so far; much easier than the 2D platformers. All the voice
> > acting is in English with Japanese subtitles. For those diehard traditional
> > fans, a port of the Sammy Atomiswave Metal Slug 6 is still slated for a July
> > 2006 release.
> >
The American branch of Sony doesn't usually like selling 2D games on the PS2... Metal Slug 4 and 5 had to be bundled together, and Metal Slug 3 and SVC:Chaos weren't released in the US, they were Japan only...

Although they were released on the XBOX...

And poor Samarai Showdown V was released for the XBOX for a short period of time. I hate to see how much a copy is going to cost me...


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