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SubjectRe: Super Mario Bros. Reply to this message
Posted bythe_flip
Posted on01/02/02 05:37 AM

Heh, my good buddies has one of these Super Mario Bros pinball machines. I would say these are probably the best pinball machines ever made.

> http://www.lysator.liu.se/pinball/IPD/search.cgi?any=Super+Mario+Bros.
> Here's actually a more exact link from the one posted earlier. I can't remember
> TOO much about it, because I only saw it at my local bowling alley for about a
> year. It was the only place to ever have it that I saw. I know it had a 2nd
> level near the top with another flipper and some Yoshi sounds and stuff, and I
> know you had to start various modes in order to beat the 7 worlds before going
> on to the final one. There was also a video mode in it which was somewhat true
> to the old game as well. I loved it, it's a shame it didn't get around.
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