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SubjectRe: Super Mario Bros -- a fresh opinion Reply to this message
Posted byrkc
Posted on01/03/02 02:37 PM

> Well I find it very difficult to see why the company that holds the rights to
> this particular pinball would prevent emulation of their systems. The post to
> which I am replying to says it all. Take the N64 for example, or the PSX. Both
> Nintendo and Sony are/had huge spits about emulating these systems and the
> availability of the ROMs online, yet you have emulators like ePSXe and PJ64
> which are probably the best emulators in the PSX and N64 genre.
> If I had the technical know-how, I would emulate this pinball machine and just
> post it on some Geocities web site for everyone to try. I mean, emulating the
> system isn't illegal, just the ROMs (like that stops the distribution though),
> so why not just emulate the machine anyways?
> flipcode
> > > i know there working on Streetfighter , stargate ,mariobros and Bonebusters.
> > > But how you get them , i really don't know , besize that it's hard to get
> > > gottlieb roms since some sites removed them after Gottliebs post.
> >
> > ------------------------------------------------------------
> >
> > >Yes, it is possible to do super mario brothers. However, >it will be more
> > difficult to do than most other tables for >the follwoing reasons:
> >
> > >a) Gottlieb Roms are very hard to find, since they asked >them to be removed
> > from most websites.
> > >b) Gottlieb pictures, manuals, and information are very >hard to find for the
> > same reason.
> > >c) EVEN if you get past all that, and make an incredible >table, you'll have
> to
> > find a place to host it so others >can download it, since Gottlieb has asked
> > shivasite not to >host gottlieb information
> >
> >
> >
> > Not to be rude, but why do I find the above 2 posts incredibly funny? Roms
> that
> > arent hosted by the companys website can be dumped through rom reading
> devices.
> > You might want to check out Mame, thousands of arcade games dumped by hand in
> > rom-readers and then emulated. Literally only a handful of them were provided
> by
> > the original companies/authors/programmers (see roby roto and the other couple
> > of freeware games)
> >
> > I dont see how a company not wanting this to happen is going to stop anyone.
> Its
> > not like people are going to throw their hands up in the air and say "oh well,
> > the company isnt going to freely let us download our roms, so we might as well
> > forget it."
> >
> > Part of the magic of most emulators is that there are challenges. Sometimes
> its
> > in getting the boards, other times the technical complexities of the
> hardware...
> > and even sometimes the ducking in the shadows from the law and IDSA, etc.
> > www.mame.dk isn't hosted on Denmark soil for nothing you know.....
> >
> >
> > In this case, i think the roms are the least of peoples worries. Not
> everything
> > "graces" the WWW, and it doesnt have to be hosted on a website for it to
> happen.
> > Alternatively, perhaps a www.pinmame.dk?
> >
> > In close, I think the emulation community is strong enough to withstand one
> > company making a stink about their roms, and removing their download....LOL
> >
> > Mame On!
> >
600 otther pins outthere to make how cares about gottlieb they suck ..

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