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SubjectRe: Music for Williams F-14 Tomcat Reply to this message
Posted bytelephony
Posted on01/30/02 08:10 PM

> Try reading the pinmame.txt file. I know it's long and messy, but if you read it
> there's a reward waiting for you.

Thanks for the tip. :)

I installed Visual PinMAME 1.10 (Dec 23 2001), then got the ROM set from the Williams website, then ran the test from the installation menu. The alphanumeric display for that pin came up, but the "Now You Die!" attract mode voice plays *REALLY SLOWLY*, there doesn't seem to be any music, the AND (alphanumeric display) refreshes much slower than the real thing, and I have yet to figre out which key combination is the game's "start" button. (I already figured out how to coin up the board).
So that's where I sit now.

I also noticed the only executable in my VPinMAME folder is SETUP.EXE. Is this correct, or should there be another executable in that folder someplace?
I saw a reference to a VPinMameTest.exe and its associated icon on one of the screens in the setup manual, but there was no such critter in my installation.

Sorry about all the questions... I might be an arcade veteran, but I'm new to emulators. :)

My comp. is an AMD-K6/II at 500MHz if that's any help for figuring this mess out.

(EDIT): I did get the music to play in test mode, but it's still very, very, very slow; even with the display setting to "compact", the sampling rate reduced to 11025Hz, and antialiasing set to "0". I guess a 500MHz CPU just doesn't cut it?

(ANOTHER EDIT:) I tried the DOS version of PinMame, and it doesn't even load the ROM images before it goes tits up.
It gives the following message before putting all four legs in the air:

(And yet another edit): After blowing up a floppy drive and finally getting VisualPinMAME transferred to another computer, I have met with at least acceptable results. Apparently, it doesn't like AMD processors too much; it does considerably better on a PII 350MHz MMX.
If I set the sample rate to 7168, it plays about 80-90% of the time without getting scratchy.
So I can put this subject to bed.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction and getting F-14 Tomcat in my hands. :)

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